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The mission of #TNM is to protect and aid the support and vision of artists throughout the world by providing them with the necessary tools that allow them to reach all of their stated career goals… Apply & GET SERVICES & Support NOW or Donate & Sponsor Artists All Over The World.







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#TNM is a professional business which has taken the time to perfect it’s services through hard work. We will show you how to build a respected reputation in the Music Industry.

Join #TNM and enjoy the freedom of understanding how to build a professional foundation for your music career. Sometimes we just need a little information, the right tools, encouragement and a little push! #TNM #MusicFam “You’re the Music & We’ve Got Your Back!”

The #TNM brand encompasses the following entities: #TNM The New Music Movement of Love (Nonprofit),  #TNM, Small Guy Records, Inc. and The New Movement, LLC. Founded by Ms. Felicia “Rayne” McCloud, Ms. Cassandra T. A. James, Mr. Ginno Valencia and Mrs. Vanessa Pacquette.

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The New Movement (also referred to as “#TNM #MusicFam”) is an organization devoted to supporting the needs of musicians throughout the various stages of their careers. From legal aid to managerial guidance and promotions, the Music Fam, has the expertise and staff  in place to revolutionize the music industry. Musicians will no longer have to seek out a trusted partner. #TNM will guide artists through the complicated music process to help avoid the classic career mistakes.  ” For LOTS OF #NewMusic & More Info Find Us HERE www.thenewmovement.com

You’re the Music & We’ve Got Your Back!” 
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#TNM has a large social media engine designed just for you to share your new music! No spamming but try out these two tags #TNM #MusicFAM together in your tweet and watch the magic.

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Connect to real people who actually care about others! We listen to your music and share it! We give real feedback and hope that you will do the same. Supporting you is what we do since 2011! #TNM

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Buddypress & bbPress have never enjoyed such great attention to detail. The Clean Kleo Design that we have chosen allows us to enjoy getting to know YOU & YOUR MUSIC! We welcome your shares here, no matter what the genre!

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Once you are an officially supported and respected member, you will be amazed by the personal relationships you build with not only mentors and career counselors but executives at #TNM who care about our members.

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No coding required in building a professional profile here. Included as a plugin, K Elements provide unique elements to create awesome pages. #TNM knows you need a professional space to share your art.

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Joining the community is free. Sign up and connect to us NOW! If you know that you need to strengthen the business side of your career or that you need more education on how to protect yourself and your Music. Fill out the apply now page.

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The #TNM family is known for outstanding support w go above and beyond what any other music career consulting company is willing to do. Become a supported artist for an entire ear or 200 dollars which can be broken down into 20 a month payments. GET SUPPORT NOW .
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If you have questions on how we may serve you, please email us at tnm@thenewmovement.com or Call us! 888-292-1329 ext 3

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We’ll be happy to help you if you need technical support or have any question. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone. 888-292-1329 ext 3 raynemcloud@consultant.com


Feel free to ask questions about music and music business in the #TNM website forums. Find you way through this industry by connecting to others who are doing the same thing! Or if you know your way, show someone else.

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