#TNM Mission Statement

• Our Mission Statement & Goals

#TNM is a nonprofit which caters to artists. We provide legal aid, managerial guidance and promo for those who cannot afford the cost of such protection & support. It is our mission to prevent up & coming artists from making classic career mistakes! We serve to stand between those new to the industry and those who participate in unethical business practice! #TNM is the Better Business Bureau of MUSIC

1. #TNM will protect artists from unethical industry activity. It is long overdue that someone stand in the way of those who would like to take advantage of the passion in the hearts of artists. Some so hungry for the dream in their hearts that they would do anything to see it happen. Those that would take advantage of another person’s passions should be held accountable. Enough is enough, and there are just too many cracks in the current system. The robbery has to end! Therefore we will provide legal aid to our members.

2. #TNM will encourage all artists, no matter their style or genre, to stay off the street and in the studio! Even if they are not producing what we would like them to produce, we have faith that with enough mentoring, they will elevate and this will show in the progression of their production! It is my greatest hope, that these artists will have a powerful effect on ending the unnecessary deaths caused by erroneous “street code” mind set. – F. McCloud

3. #TNM will work toward acquiring living facilities for homeless musicians and artists all over the US. We are tired of throwing change into the hats of important members of our community. Artists should be sheltered as they are treasures to the well-being of our society at large!

4. #TNM will build studios all over the US, which record serious, dedicated musicians and artists who cannot afford it, free of charge! “It should be as easy as setting up a mural in a park and painting a portrait. You can hold a portrait, see it, touch it and sell it! All art should be just that way! We want real musicians, poor or not, to be able to record their art, hold it in their hands, take it home and sell it if they so choose!” – F. McCloud

5. #TNM will establish services in order to assist established artists when, and if, they are in crisis and fight for royalties which are owed to them. If an artist is retired and has not properly prepared, TNM will assist. If an established artist is losing their home or other personal belongings due to lack of finances from lack of employment, work or gigs, TNM will assist.

6. #TNM The New Movement of Love on the Web Inc. will continue to fight against the unfair censorship of artists! We will demand equality in every forum that music is a part of! We will abide by the rules and teach our supported artists to do so as well. However, if there is activity on any level in which others seem to be allowed to engage; we will not be denied the same engagement!” – F. McCloud

7. #TNM Non-profit mission will launch the Cross-over project that will aide those who wish to escape street gang involvement & violence. We will provide grid safe zone shelters, rehabilitation, education and counseling services and relocation “Fresh Start” assistance. It will create positions for ex-military professionals, law enforcement officials, counselors and mentors.

#TNM the New Movement LLC will host events in order to create jobs for out of work artist experiencing financial crisis.

#TNM Small Guy Records Inc. will create relationships and partnerships with independent record labels and independently owned recording studios in order to create jobs and provide places for struggling artist to record for free. #TNM Small Guy Records Inc. will strive to become a Major record Label franchise in order to provide opportunities for up and coming artists to become professionals in the music industry.

• Location and address of business or ideal location (if applicable): It is the goal of #TNM to become an international incorporation.

At this juncture, the base location for #TNM is located at 1519 North 3rd Street Harrisburg, PA 17102.

The ideal location would include a large space that would provide office space, studio rooms, and rooms for educational classes, workshops for literacy, artist development and temporary housing. #TNM’s goal is to have shelters, studios and crisis centers which cater to musicians and entertainers in financial, drug abuse, domestic and gang violence crisis in every U.S. state including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and also in Canada.

• State/ Province in which will the company be registered? #TNM Non-Profit is registered in Fort Lauderdale Fl. #TNM LLC and #TNM Small Guy Records is registered in Harrisburg, Pa.

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